Creating virtual worlds through precision engineering.

Our Focus

We are a new venture backed game studio, which is focused on building massively-multiplayer “societal games” that are less focused on pure combat and instead encourage social interaction and cooperation between players. We aim to rekindle the social spirit of massively multiplayer games and foster creative collaboration in our virtual worlds.

Why Games

Games have the ability to bring people together from around the world to create experiences that we remember for our entire lives. They let us live out otherwise impossible experiences that range from building a farm to conquering worlds. They give us a reason to forge meaningful friendships with people we otherwise may never have spoken to.

Art & Engineering

Games bridge the gap between the worlds of art and engineering. Developing games presents some of the most challenging engineering problems in computer science and distributed systems, while also requiring us to imagine and craft new worlds and stories. Only through careful execution in all disciplines can we create a magical new experience for players.

Decentralized Decision Making

There is no point in hiring smart people if you’re just going to tell them what to do. At Clockwork we recognize that employees should lead decision making on the products that they themselves are building. Small teams that own their own products and distributed decision making is at the core of our values.


Our Backers

We are backed by an incredible group of investors including Supercell, Firstminute Capital, Skycatcher, 1Up Ventures, and Supernode. Our technology, talent, and focus on creating enormous sandbox worlds has also attracted industry leading angels such as, Hilmar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games (makers of EVE Online) and David Helgason, founder of Unity Technologies.

The Team

We are industry professionals who have deep experience in building large scale distributed systems. The team is also growing quickly! We've attracted industry veterans from developers like Ubisoft and publishers like Kakao, who are inspired by our vision for games and the technology that we've developed to realize that vision.