Work at Clockwork Labs

Our philosophy is to empower the skilled designers and engineers that we hire. The best decision makers aren’t always at the top. We don’t have titles and org charts at Clockwork, just small teams focused on single products. We all work alongside each other as team members at the same level. Our only concern is well engineered software and good design.


Current Job Openings

Our Direction

Our central inspiration for our games is to create virtual worlds which have true meaning to the players that inhabit them. We are layering sandbox environments, free trade, and multiple gameplay styles on top of those worlds to make them even feel alive and real. The guiding principle of our design is to give the power to create and collaborate back to the players, so that new and unimagined gameplay can emerge.

Founding Members

Tyler Cloutier

Tyler was a Sr. Data Science Engineer at MZ (the company behind Game of War and Mobile Strike). Prior to working at MZ he was an engineer at Apple. Tyler holds a Masters in Distributed Systems and Machine Learning from Johns Hopkins University.

Alessandro Asoni

Alessandro was a Sr. Software Engineer at Bloomberg, LP where he worked on high throughput distributed pricing systems. He holds a Computer Science and a Biomedical Engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University.